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EMC Receives Recognition Award as One of the Most Improved Companies in Quality

Dated on: December 2021

The Eastern Morris Cranes Company (EMC) has received the Best Improved Quality Performance award at the 2021 Local Manufacturers Quality Excellence Awards in Saudi Arabia in recognition of its remarkable achievements. The awards, in their fourth edition this year, were held at the Plaza Conference Center in Riyadh on December 23rd. EMC, a partner company of Zamil Group, was given the award based on the effectiveness of its quality management system and in honor of the improvements and developments it has made in the quality of its performance over the past year. It was granted the prize as part of the category for small and medium Saudi manufacturing companies.

Based in Saudi Arabia, EMC designs, manufactures, installs, tests and commissions various types of cranes and hoists. With 130 years of supply chain experience, 15 of them in Saudi Arabia, it was approved as a Saudi national company to manufacture overhead cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes by Saudi Aramco in 2004. EMC was established in 1991 and became a joint venture company between Zamil Group of Saudi Arabia and Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO) of the United States in 2001. The Local Manufacturers Quality Excellence Awards are organized annually by Saudi Aramco and seek to recognize local manufacturers who demonstrate a strong commitment to high quality. They aim to promote a culture of quality in local manufacturing in order to strengthen the competitiveness of local manufacturers in regional and international markets. The awards cover three categories: Large Manufacturers, Small and Medium Manufacturers, and Best Improved Quality Performance.