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برنامج دعم المشاريع الصغيرة

This program makes available self employment opportunities for Saudi youth by supporting young men and women who have a genuine desire to establish their own small projects. The program offers interest free loans with easy repayment terms and it offers management consultation and technical guidance at the commencement of the project.

Aims of the Program

  1. To provide real and renewed job opportunities for Saudi youth. 
  2. To encourage the development of small entrepreneurial projects (industrial, commercial, occupational, services), and create a foundation of support for existing larger projects in larger industries. 
  3. To support men and women graduates of universities and learning institutions to establish their own businesses. 
  4. To motivate Saudi entrepreneurial youth to establish their own personal projects as an alternative to seeking employment.


  1. To offer support in-kind up to SR 100,000 as an interest free loan with easy repayment terms. 
  2. To assist in the preparation of a feasibility study for the project.
  3. To assist in the selection of qualified staff for the project. 
  4. To follow-up and monitor staff performance at work during the first year of the project. 
  5. Principal loan repayments begin three months from the start of operation, with the total amount settled within three years through easy monthly instalments.

Eligibility Conditions

The applicant must meet the following conditions:
  1. Must be a Saudi national. 
  2. Aged between 20 to 40.
  3. A resident of the same city where the project is executed.
  4. Must be dedicated full time to manage and support the project.
  5. Must successfully complete a personal interview and tests, and secure preliminary approval from the Projects Support Committee.
  6. Must attend and complete training course for beginners, if needed. 
  7. Pre -requisites integral to the project:
  • Must be a new idea that can be applied in reality.
  • All workers in the project must be Saudi citizens.
  • A preliminary feasibility study must be presented.
  • All fixed assets must be in the name of the Center until the outstanding loan has been settled in full. 
  • The applicant must contribute at least 10% of the cost of the total project. 
  • The applicant must present a guarantor who meets the conditions set forth by the Center in the event the project is approved.

Steps to Qualify for Subsidy

Applicants interested in gaining a support subsidy for their projects must submit / undertake the following:

  1. Present a very clear understanding of the project.
  2. Submit comprehensive and succinct financial data  to include the following:
  • Capital expenditure (fixed assets expenditure).
  • Operational expenditure (rents, materials, administrative expenses, salaries) along with a monthly detailed report for these expenses for the first year.
  • Anticipated income, to be in monthly detailed schedules along with support clarification about each of the activities, particularly if there is more than one (selling, maintenance, etc.).
  • To schedule repayment of the loan from generated income provided the payment schedule does not exceed a period of three years.

     3. Marketing study including the following:

  • The type of product or service the project will offer (whether available in the market, or new)
  • Competitors of the product or service;
  • Pricing policy for the product or service;
  • Advertising and publicity plans if required;
  • Location of the project.

    4. Operational plan for at least one year to be specified as follows:

  • Forecast monthly profit targets and method of achieving targets;
  • Number of workers, their duties and responsibilities to achieve expected profit targets.

    5. Personal information:

  • Copy of national ID along the original for verification;
  • Curriculum Vitae along with a copy of the latest academic certificate and a reference of good conduct.

     6. Complete information about the guarantor.

     7. Official documentation (records, necessary licences and documents needed to obtain the licence from the Ministry of Commerce).