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برنامج التدريب الإداري والفني

This program is designed to rehabilitate, train and employ young men and women in administrative, technical and vocational fields. It offers applicants interest free loans and easy repayment terms once employment commences and in agreement with the employer.

Aims of the Program

1. To educate Saudi youth and make them aware of available job opportunities in administrative, technical and vocational fields.

2. To develop and spread an understanding that administrative and practical technical training can be achieved over a short period of time.

3. To help young men and women gain employment upon completion of training.

4. To finance small projects for ambitious trainees who have excelled and distinguished themselves and who have completed their courses.

Fields of training

Administrative, technical and vocational areas with a maximum training period of 6 months.


1. Practical courses that qualify trainees and make them eligible for private sector employment.

2. Accredited certificate upon completion of training.

3. A training period of 3-6 months depending upon qualifications and specific program.

4. Assisted employment search upon completion of training.

5. Special incentives for those who excel and distinguish themselves.

6. Training costs recovered through easy repayment terms upon employment.

Loan Conditions

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

 1. Must be a Saudi national.

 2. Aged between 18 and not exceeding 25 years of age.

 3. Minimum academic requirement: “Intermediate Certificate”.

 4. Training program duration of three to six months depending on qualifications and specific program.

 5. Trainee must obtain an undertaking from the prospective employer upon completion for training for coordination purposes.

 6. The applicant must provide a guarantor.

 7. The applicant must present a statement of training costs from the party that will conduct the training.